• Italian chef shocked when eating pizza and spaghetti in Vietnam
    When the spaghetti carbonara plate was served, chef Federico Pinzi was shocked by the way the Vietnamese restaurant adapted Italian dishes. Federico Pinzi (Feder), owner of an Italian restaurant in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, expected a plate of Italian-flavored spaghetti with a traditional cream sauce made from eggs, cheese and pancetta (bacon). However, what he received was a “odd version” with a slightly pasty, flavorless cream sauce and garnished with peas. Feder politely called the chef to discuss traditional Italian food. Not only spaghetti carbonara, pizza is also varied. For example, pizza Margherita is the most basic of Italian pizzas, consisting of tomatoes, fresh basil and just the right amount of cheese. In Vietnam, many places make this dish with reduced acidity, increased sweetness and lots of cheese. Feder understands that Vietnamese people like spinning cheese, which creates a beautiful effect when eaten.
  • Vietnamese girl tells story of first time eating raw horse meat
    Sao Mai said that the dish from raw horse meat “is not as terrible as imagined” because the Japanese have many special ways of processing. In early 2023, Sao Mai, studying for a master’s degree at Waseda University (Tokyo), had the opportunity to enjoy raw horse meat (basashi), a famous Japanese dish. She chose the restaurant Umasakura (Uma: horse and Sakura: cherry blossom) in the southern province of Kumamoto – which is considered the hometown of raw horse meat to enjoy the best taste.
  • Saigontourist Group offers special food tickets
    Saigontourist Group applies a 10% discount for customers who buy tickets to attend “Saigontourist Group 2023 Food and Culture Festival”, before 5:00 p.m. on April 17. The event, organized by the Saigon Tourism Corporation (Saigontourist Group), will be open for service at 4pm-22pm daily, continuously from April 20-23 at Van Thanh Tourist Area. In which, on April 22 and 23 (Saturday, Sunday) there is an increased lunch capacity, at 10am – 2pm. According to the representative of the Organizing Committee, in order to honor the culinary culture of the 3 regions, the member units representing 4-5 star hotels, resorts and restaurants belonging to Saigontourist Group in Ho Chi Minh City and many localities will bring At the festival, there are more than 350 typical dishes and drinks, demonstrated through the skills of experienced chefs. The festival’s space is arranged into 3 areas North, Central and South, gathering over 40 food stalls of units of Saigontourist Group nationwide. Diners will enjoy hundreds of dishes selected from different regions, prepared by famous chefs at 5-star hotels belonging to Saigontourist Group in Ho Chi Minh City and a number of provinces across the country.